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[en-au] Difficulty installing in Windows 10

Hello, I have the following coming up when I try to install in Windows 10. Thanks in advance, Bruce/bugmagnet Loading Comment.f : words removed from previous
2. Aug. 2016

Re: Betrifft: visualFORTH mit WIN 7 - Download

Sorry, I didn't look here for a while. I have been told VisualFORTH works fine with W10, but I couldn't test it by myself. Programs written in VisualFORTH
10. Dez. 2015

AW: Re: Betrifft: visualFORTH mit WIN 7 - Download

Sorry, I didn't look at our group for a while - too busy. It has been reported that VisualFORTH is working with WIN 7 very well. To be sure, I just installed
Dirk Bruehl
2. Okt. 2015

Re: Betrifft: visualFORTH mit WIN 7 - Download

Any experiences with windows 10 ?
11. Sep. 2015

Betrifft: visualFORTH mit WIN 7 - Download

You can get VisualFORTH at http://www.visualforth.org/ - download VisualFORTH-2-1419.zip with click on "Download Here !" on the bottom of that webpage, unzip
19. Sep. 2013

Betrifft: visualFORTH mit WIN 7

A year has passed, and now there it is: A new version of VisualFORTH with VF-Wizard, the installer for Win32Forth with upgrade to VisualFORTH. And this new
17. Sep. 2013

Betrifft: visualFORTH mit WIN 7

Ein Jahr hat es gedauert, aber jetzt ist sie da: Die neue VisualFORTH-Version mit VF-Wizard, dem Installationsprogramm fuer Win32Forth mit Upgrade auf
17. Sep. 2013

Betrifft: visualFORTH mit WIN 7

There may be an update for visualFORTH, having some more features, several month from now. But visualFORTH still will be running on Windows XP only. Programs
1. Sep. 2012

Betrifft: visualFORTH mit WIN 7

Nach so langer Zeit will ich nun doch noch kurz eine Mitteilung zu visualFORTH und Windows7 machen. Mit visualFORTH erstellte Programme laufen auf Windows7 -
1. Sep. 2012

Betrifft: visualFORTH mit WIN 7

... Peter, I am really sorry for all your troubles. Thing is, visualFORTH Alpha started with Win32Forth Version 6.12, running only on Windows XP, see
18. Nov. 2011

visualFORTH mit WIN 7

Grüezi Hoffentlich kann mir jemand weiter helfen. Ich versuche visualFORTH auf meinem Laptop zu installieren. Win 32Forth habe ich installiert und es läuft (
Peter Krähenmann
16. Nov. 2011

Betrifft: query about VisualForth 1.14.14

Hi David, I installed VisualFORTH Beta version 6.14.14 again and I got this "Application Error" message again when trying to start the IDE from VisualFORTH. It
28. Sep. 2010

Betrifft: query about VisualForth 1.14.14

Hi David, Sorry to read that you had quite a struggle to get VisualFORTH installed, but I am glad that you had some good experience. If you have suggestions to
28. Sep. 2010

query about VisualForth 1.14.14

Hi, After quite a struggle, I have got VisualFORTH installed and more or less working. It looks very good and has allowed me to get further into Windows based
David Abrahams
28. Sep. 2010

Beta version released on 6/14

Hi everybody! VisualFORTH hast been ported to Win32Forth version 6.14 and it is called Beta version now. Features are the same as the last Alpha version, there
14. Juni 2010
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