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From 18 to 20 may...All togheter in Italy for a big event!!

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  • Andrea De Dominicis
    INTERNATIONAL L AQUILA TANGO FESTIVAL 2012 - ITALY ... 99 hugs, 99 steps, 99 tangos May 18- 20, 2012 www.laquilatangofestival.com
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      99 hugs, 99 steps, 99 tangos

      May 18- 20, 2012



      The beautiful scenery of the town of L Aquila, in the heart of Abruzzo (middle Italy), will be the frame of the International L Aquila Tango Festival, from 18 to 20 May 2012, where notes, memories, acute violins, puffs of bandoneon, will be the protagonists of these unforgettable days!The Tango of the embrace, of the passion, of the words... written by bodies…99 hugs, 99 steps, 99 tangos with 99 churches, 99 squares and 99 fountains, to relive the atmosphere of Buenos Aires, with its traditional and social tango, with its nocturnal alphabets you can just dance.

      …to Maurizio “El Tano”a lover of the tango, of the pause and of the waiting...

      Ricardo Barrios y Laura Melo
      Osvaldo Roldan y Anna Maria Ferrara
      Neri Piliu y Yanina Quinoñes

      Invited teachers:
      Oscar Benavidez y Laura Francia (folklore)

      Tango Spleen Orchestra

      Felix Picherna
      El Popul Castello

      DJ set Abruzzo - Tango Marathon 12 hours No-Stop:

      Adan El Capitan (Dj resident Milonga di Tango Rodolfo - Castel di Lama )
      Andrea Dedò (DJ resident Milonga di Camila - L'Aquila)
      Carla Debe (Chieti)
      Elsiano (Dj resident Milonga di Elsiano, Montesilvano)
      Irene Catana (L'Aquila)
      Pablo-Gasparrini TJ (Dj resident Kidlan - Pescara)
      Pierluca DJ (Dj resident Calesita - Pescara)
      WTj (Dj resident Casa de Tango - Chieti)

      Art Direction: Helga Corpora and Andrea De Dominicis

      Staff: Lucia Gallucci, Alessandro Vicini, Andrea Salvatore, daniela Marrone, Irene Catana, Cristina De Dominicis



      Friday 18 may************

      17.00 Opening of the secretariat of the festival
      18.00 - 19.00 SPECIAL CLASS: History and characteristics of contemporary
      singers and orchestras of Tango Argentino with:
      El Popùl Castello
      19.30 - 22.15 CLASSES
      with Tango Spleen Orchestra
      DJ El Popul Castello
      Dance and presentation of the maestros.

      Saturday 19 may******************************

      10.30 - 12.30 Guided Tour : “Tour of the Mysteries”
      13.00 Opening of the secretariat
      14.00 - 21.15 CLASSES 21.30 - 22.30 SPECIAL CLASS:The best
      orchestras of the'40s. With: Felix Picherna
      22.30 - 05.00 GALA MILONGA
      DJ Felix Picherna
      Ricardo Barrios and Laura Melo
      Osvaldo Roldan and Anna Maria Ferrara

      Sunday 20 may*****************************

      11.00 Opening of the secretariat
      12.00 - 13.15 CLASSES
      13.15 - 14.15 Lunch breack
      14.15 - 19.30 CLASSES
      18.30 - 06.30 MILONGA MARATHON - 12 hours of tango no-stop
      Dj set Abruzzo
      Exhibition: Neri Piliu and Yanina Quiñones
      Oscar Benavidez y Laura Francia (folklore)

      For information on costs, lessons, where to stay, how to get there:

      Stand of Shoes :
      Rosso Latino

      Giuli e Angi
      Eletta per il tango

      email: info@...
      facebook: L'Aquila Tango Festival

      We hope to see you! ---------------------------------------
      Welcome to "International L'Aquila Tango Festival 2012"
      99 Embraces - 99 Steps - 99 Tangos

      from 18 to 20 may 2012

      Come with us to a beatiful land, with special people with a true tango passion!
      An exciting programme of workshops, milongas, TangoMarathons, shows and concerts...
      Tangueros from all across Europe!

      Tango Workshops for beginners to advanced dancers with great Maestros:

      - Ricardo Barrios y Laura Melo
      - Osvaldo Roldan y Anna MAria Ferrara
      - Neri Piliu y Yanina Quinoñes

      Milongas and Marathon:

      Orchestra Tango Spleen

      - Felix Picherna
      - Andrea el Popùl Castello
      - DJ set with the best Abruzzo's dj!

      More info:


      email: info@...

      facebook: L'Aquila Tango Festival

      Hope to see you among us...

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