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  • troubadourofcatalpasongs
    13. Nov. 2017

      In The Ghost's Shadow

      by Wrulf

      [A huge collection of explicit photos, links to raunchy, free videos and more slut-degrading stories like the following can be found at: groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/Gutter-Hogs]

      Werner, a dominant, white, sexist and 25-y/o husband, became friends with Rod, Mike and Shane, who were Americans, while the 4 men were attending an engineering seminar in his German city, though the hunky, also-white, 21, 23 and 24-y/o foreigners gratified him by expressing their female-scorning attitude upon him inviting them to The Golden Horn Tavern for a drink following a lecture on a June, Friday afternoon.

      Since the husband spoke English, he smiled, 'What do you fellows think of my country?'

      'It's great; the beer and food are awesome, though not to be overly crude, Kraut-bitches seem damn slutty,' Mike grinned.

      'Right. In fact, we went to a live sex-club, last night, and watched 15 guys virtually raping a brunette. Is that common in Germany?' Rod asked.

      'Well, many native girls such as my submissive wife, Jana, have a masochistic need to suffer from that, so, yeah, rape-games are fairly common,' Werner answered.

      'Your wife's into that?' a surprised Rod asked.

      'Wait,' Werner smiled again as he took his phone out of his pocket and accessed his wife's nude showing her beautiful face, black hair, medium-sized tits, shapely legs and round bottom, then passed his phone around the table.

      'Is she hot!' Mike exclaimed before he continued, 'I'd dig a chance to take her down several notches!'

      'Me, too, being she looks like an uppity brat!' Shane remarked.

      'She is, and deserves you guys humbling her,' Werner said.

      'You're offering to let us rape her?' Rod inquired

      'Of course, and you can be very rough if you don't physically damage her. Too, I want you to brutalize her with words. Nothing's too extreme. Demolish what little dignity and self-esteem she has,' Werner urged his new acquaintances.

      'We will,' Shane vowed.

      'Yeah, just tell us when and where,' Mike said.

      'Under a bridge in a deserted area of the city at 12 tomorrow night. The bridge is known as The Ghost's Shadow,' the husband responded, then supplied directions to the meeting place.

      'Right on, my brother,' Mike said.

      Having arranged for his 24-y/o wife's gang-violation without mentioning it to her, though, Werner ordered her to wear high heels and a fishnet body-suit at 11:30 the following night,

      Next, he called his cabby-friend, Georg, to pick the couple up at their home.

      Jana had scarcely slid into the taxi's front passenger's seat before Georg removed his 9-inched penis from his trousers, reached over, clutched her tresses and smashed her mouth onto his tool.

      'Suck my cock!' he said in English, after which he fiercely slapped her arse.

      'Eeem!' she unleashed a muffled squeal.

      Georg then turned toward the husband in the back seat and sneered, 'It's always a pleasure to abuse this 'schample' (“tramp”), Werner!'

      'I'm happy for you,' Werner replied shortly prior to the trio arriving at the bridge and Georg facializing her.

      With him having accomplished that, he dragged her from his car and pissed on her while quietly laughing.

      Once Werner had paid him, however, Georg stowed his spigot away, got in his vehicle, departed and left Jana surrounded by ominous darkness, though before she knew it, her naked, American users appeared and led her into The Ghost's Shadow.

      'Who the devil is this?' Rod then smirked.

      'You wouldn't happen to be Satan's daughter, would you?' Shane chuckled.

      'Yes, sir,' Jana murmured.

      'Amazing, dudes! The little lady's kinda smart!' Shane sneered.

      'Satan's spawn is a lady? That's ridiculous!' Mike retorted.

      'Sorry; I was trying to give her a reverse insult by saying she's a lady!' Shane responded as he thrust his finger through the wife's fishnet-webbing and slashed it into her gooey muff.

      'Aaah!' she gasped.

      'Don't complain!' Shane yelled while spitting into her eyes.

      'Listen to him!' Rod grunted.

      'Yes, sir!' she moaned while becoming aroused by the studs' coarse language, which Mike accentuated by demanding, 'Admit you're contemptible beneath all contempt, skank!'

      'Uhhh... yes, sir!' - and she blushed.

      'Not only that, you're a morally ugly 'hurensau' (“whore-pig”)!' Rod employed a German epithet he'd learned while Shane twisted his finger out of her twat.

      'Now, that's an insult!' Mike gleefully crowed.

      Simultaneously, however, Jana was aching for the boys' dicks to assault her, though they simply were obliging her husband with foul talk. But Rod sensed her desire and snickered, 'The worthless trash-doll's absolutely begging us to rape her, guys!'

      'Yep, that's the entire reason she exists,' Shane calmly said, then walked behind the slattern, gripped her hair, leaned her forward and kicked her loins.

      'Aaaiiiieeeeh!' she shrieked.

      'Shut up!' Shane bellowed as he ripped her body-suit off, gouged his 10-inched phallus into her entrails and started hammering her, then: - 'In your filthy guts, you piece of shit!'

      'Oooh, oooh, god, yes!' Jana had barely wailed when Rod hurled his 11-inched spear into her throat.

      'Swallow my pecker!' he growled.

      'Ummm!' she mumbled.

      'Jeezus, are you ever obscene!' Mike snorted while stroking his thick, 12-inched cock.

      'Ja, nutte' (“yes, slut”)!' Werner said in a cruel tone of voice.

      Meanwhile, Rod and Shane were mercilessly pulverizing their respective orifices, as they did for 15 minutes until they emptied spooge into Jana's oral dump and bowels.

      After they'd dismounted her, Mike slugged his prick into her anus while Werner stripped and drilled his 10-incher into her dripping vulva.

      'Am I hurting you, cunt?' he shouted, though his wife was having convulsive orgasms and didn't respond.

      Nevertheless, she'd long realized how perverted it was to climax, even during simulated rape, but didn't care.

      After another 15 minutes, Mike slammed her sewer-pussy full of dick-slime while Werner socked his into her vag.

      The husband then astonished Shane, Mike and Rod when he requested them to urinate in his ass, then shoved Jana to her rump, crouched above her and farted bladder-fluid into her spluttering mouth.

      'All right! You're dirtier than a stinking toilet!' Rod jeered.

      'Yeah, especially since toilets aren't obscene!' Shane almost giggled, with him, Mike, Rod and Werner getting dressed.

      Next, Shane commanded Jana to ride on the trunk of the car he and his buddies had rented, then slowly drove her home.

      But the Americans still weren't finished; they and Werner accompanied her to the same club on Sunday night, where they and 20 male patrons spent 4 hours ravishing her until she fainted – while by then, she was metaphorically stinking with derogation, exactly as she deserved!

      The End