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856You Can Not Pass This One Up

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    23. Aug. 2014
      IHUB Newsdesk - Markets Exemplify Caution Ahead of Yellen Speech
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      It's easy to look at the market and see that everything is overpriced. Google, Apple, Exxon, Microsoft and hundreds more are trading at all-time highs. It would be quite risky to get into those companies at current prices, at the absolute top. Following that logic I've found an amazing small canabis company that happens to be trading at an all-time LOW! This little gem was in the 30cent range two months ago and now it's at 3cents. Experts are predicting a rise back to 30 cents before the end of the year and up to 10 cents in the coming days. R~N~B~I is something you should grab first thing in the morning on Monday. Dont miss out and don't tell me I didnt give you a heads up!

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