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  • lucretia1419
    Hallo alle Hier in England haben wir eben eine interessante Zeit, denn am 11 Dezember gibt es eine parlamentarische Diskussion über LDN. Dr Tom Gilhooly
    Nachricht 1 von 1 , 12. Nov. 13:17
      Hallo alle

      Hier in England haben wir eben eine interessante Zeit, denn am 11 Dezember gibt es eine parlamentarische Diskussion über LDN. Dr Tom Gilhooly fliegt extra von Glasgow nach London, um diese Diskussion zu leiten. Da es öffentlich ist, werde ich versuchen, auch hin zu gehen (obwohl es sicher sehr anstrengend sein wird, denn trotz LDN habe ich immer noch MS, leider) Wir suchen nun auf alle Arten Unterstützung und drum auch diese Post. Wenn jemand irgend einen Engländer kennt oder jemanden, der in England wohnt (Simone, kannst du helfen?) könnt ihr den unteren Text bitte kopieren und weiter schicken? Hier ist das Kopieren erlaubt. Herzlichen Dank. Dies ist für alle LDNer auf internationaler Ebene eine gute Sache, denn wenn ein Land anfängt, zu diskutieren, machen hoffentlich andere bald auch mit.

      LG Silvia

      TO ALL LDNers and their friends, and to all who want to give a healthy discussion about a different approach in health matters at parliamentary level a chance. We need your help! Please don't ignore this. Read and action asap! Thanks Silvia (LDNNow.com)

      For those residing in the UK:-
      I have been invited by the Right Honourable Nia Griffith MP to participate and take the lead on what promises to be a healthy debate about LDN's availability on the NHS in Parliament.
      I see this as a real opportunity to get things moving with LDN in the UK and my aim is to make sure it is a well focused discussion.
      In addition to all the challenges patients are facing in getting this effective and harmless treatment prescribed, it is my opinion (and I feel very strongly about this), that in these days of austerity we cannot afford to ignore LDN. The irony is that it is excluded from Hospital prescribing for price reasons!
      I would find myself very much diminished as a GP if I did not have access to this drug and for the sake of the general public we need to get the rest of the medical profession aware of LDN. I see the LDN APPG (All Party Parliamentary Group) as a key to achieving this.
      I am therefore asking you to help by informing your MP and encourage him/her to be an active participant at this meeting. I cannot stress enough the importance of getting their interest to attend this meeting. Only then can they begin to understand the issues surrounding LDN and as a result, put the wheels of change into motion to make this drug more readily available. This must not fail. Any help you yourselves can do to help spread the word of this important event would be most appreciated.
      I have also sought permission from Parliament for anyone interested in this debate to join me at this meeting on Tuesday 11th December at 10.30am.
      For more information and to receive a template email/letter to send to your MP, please contact LDNNow by contacting them here http://tinyurl.com/LDNNow
      On the LDNNow website you will find links to click on if you want to download a letter to send to your MP, also a link that will help you find your MP's email address. Please ask your friends and relatives to do the same, as MPs will only respond to their own constituents. We need as much support and as early as possible, so that secretaries can put time and date into the MP's agenda.
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