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  • Michael Eldred
    Cologne 31-Jan-2007 Apologies for cross-postings. A new article (in German) has just been added to the artefact inventory: 0) Der Wert ist ein Spiel — Marx
    Nachricht 1 von 1 , 31. Jan. 2007
      Cologne 31-Jan-2007

      Apologies for cross-postings.

      A new article (in German) has just been added to the artefact inventory:

      0) 'Der Wert ist ein Spiel — Marx anders denken'

      'Value is a game — Thinking Marx differently', talk given at the
      Philosophical Café in Wuppertal on 22 January 2007.

      And once again my current artefact writings in an improved formatting
      for enhanced readability.

      1. An Other Beginning - Here Comes Everybody: The Joycean work of art
      against the foil of Heidegger's thinking

      Paper presented to the conference Heidegger und die Dichtung in Meßkirch
      24-28 May 2006.

      2. Technology, Technique, Interplay: Questioning Die Frage nach der

      Paper presented to the conference 4. Aussprache über die Philosophie
      Martin Heideggers 01-03 June 2006 at the Bergische University in
      Wuppertal, Germany.

      3. Painting close to the origin
      A philosophical note on how and what Jon Groom's art
      work reveals.

      4. Social Power and Government - With a focus on Hobbes' political

      Thesis: the phenomenon of specifically social power, and in particular,
      political social power, has not been conceived adequately in the
      philosophical tradition starting with Plato and Aristotle.

      5. Exchange, Value, Justice

      A study passing through Aristotle, Adam Smith and Karl Marx that
      rethinks exchange-value in connection with the question of the justice
      of so-called 'bourgeois relations of production'.

      6. The Principle of Reason and Justice -- Leaping from the ground
      through Leibniz, Hegel,
      Nietzsche and Heidegger to Anaximander and the groundlessness of

      7. Questioning the Earth's Value --Including a proposal for a capitalist
      carbon sink industry.

      The crux of this proposal depends on seeing clearly that the concept of
      ground-rent is the appropriate one for grasping the value of the Earth
      under that constellation of being called capitalism.

      8. Why social justice is a specious idea

      Because it obfuscates the charitable nature of social welfare, the idea
      of social justice leads inevitably to an all-caring, social-totalitarian
      state that dangerously interferes with the free metabolism of civil
      society and undermines the independence and self-reliance of civil
      society's members.

      9. Social Being, Whoness, Freedom - A Sketch

      Paper as presented to the 24th North Texas Heidegger Symposium
      Erde-Welt-Umwelt 8-9 April 2005 at The University of Dallas, Irving,
      Texas. The thoughts here are distilled from my Social

      10. Assessing How Heidegger Thinks Power Through the History of Being

      The trace of how Heidegger thinks power through the history of being can
      be followed back to the concept of energeia in Aristotle's Metaphysics.
      According to Heidegger, this concept is the start of the trajectory of
      the being of beings cast as Wirklichkeit, actuality. Energeia is paired
      metaphysically with dynamis, i.e. power, potential, capability. One such
      power is the art of rhetoric, famously also investigated by Aristotle.
      But what is the power of such a know-how when faced with the otherness
      of the other?...

      11. Cologne Theses 03 June 2004

      Theses on how Heidegger's thinking has to be extended and revamped to
      cope with the phenomenon of the other human being, the as yet unfolded
      fold in being covered by the 'second person',
      both singular and plural.

      12. Heidegger's Restricted Interpretation of the Greek
      Conception of the Political

      Revised and extended version of a paper 'Heidegger's Apolitical
      Conception of the Political' (see below) presented to the 22nd.
      Heidegger Symposium History, Historicity and Mystery in Heidegger 30
      October-02 November, 2002 University of North Texas.

      13. 1984 Preface to Critique of Competitive Freedom and the
      Bourgeois-Democratic State

      This is the preface to my Ph.D. dissertation in Philosophy accepted by
      the University of Sydney in 1984.

      14. Heidegger's Apolitical Conception of the Political

      Twisting Heidegger's thinking into the 'horizontal' of social relations.

      15. Casting within Enpropriation and the Leap from Standing Presence

      Some observations on Heidegger's Beiträge zur
      Philosophie and leave-taking from metaphysics.

      16. Metaphysics of Feminism: A Critical Note on Judith Butler's Gender

      Today's feminist discourse claims to be situated beyond the strictures
      of the metaphysics of substance. Butler's call for the subversion of
      "matrices of cultural intelligibility that govern gendered life" does
      not go deep enough in questioning gender.

      17. Entwurf einer digitalen Ontologie (Draft Casting of a Digital

      A study (in both German and English) of the digital casting of beings in
      the digital age. Where do the digital beings cast before us today come

      18. Worldsharing and Encounter: Heidegger and Lévinas

      On the ontology of togetherness (Mitsein), with a critical excursus on
      Lévinas' ethics of the Other as contrast.

      19. The Quivering of Propriation: A Parallel Way to Music

      In parallel to the way language makes way to language, music makes way
      to music. Initially, this formula does not make much sense...

      20. Heidegger's Hölderlin and John Cage

      English version of a paper that attempts to substitute John Cage for
      Hölderlin in Heidegger's thought.

      21. Heideggers Hölderlin und/and John Cage

      German version of the preceding paper.

      22. Capital and Technology: Marx and Heidegger

      English version of a paper that crosses and entwines Marx and Heidegger
      to think through the essence of technology and capitalism in a unified

      23. Kapital und Technik: Marx und Heidegger

      German version of the preceding paper.

      24. kaum ständig noch (barely still standing) - Phenomenology of

      A treatise in German on masculinity, whose ontology is explored through
      a phenomenology of whoness. A radical, genuinely philosophical
      alternative to feminist discourse to date (cultural studies,
      psychoanalysis, etc.) is offered.

      25. As - A Critical Note on D.F. Krell's 'Daimon Life'

      Having it out with Krell's treatise on life and life-philosophy.

      Forthcoming: Posthumous Writings.

      Good thinking!
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