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Geist Zeit - Hegel & Heidegger

Cologne 27-Sep-2017 Etwas Neues auf Deutsch: Geist Zeit - Hegel & Heidegger: Zur Interpretation der /Phänomenologie des Geistes/
Michael Eldred
27. Sep.

Focus / Fokus

Cologne 24-Jul-2017 Focused? / Fokussiert? Focus / Fokus Michael. _-_-_-_-_-_-_- artefact text and
Michael Eldred
24. Juli

Zoran Đinđić - Das Kapital

Cologne 14-Jul-2017 Konstanz in den 1970ern war ein Ort, wo Marx kritisch und neu gelesen wurde: Zoran Đinđić - Das Kapital
Michael Eldred
14. Juli

Was Pythagoras an anti-Semite?

Cologne 06-Jul-2017 Disturbing new finds by buzzard-drones in the desert around Alexandria: Was Pythagoras an anti-Semite?
Michael Eldred
6. Juli

Learning to see the ontological difference

Cologne 03-Jul-2017 Phenomenological seeing-exercises. Is it historically possible even yet to re-open the OD? Learning to see the ontological difference
Michael Eldred
3. Juli

Mathesis & Gedankenlosigkeit empirisch erfahren

Cologne 18-Jun-2017 What does it mean to learn? Was heißt das -- das Lernen? Mathesis Und: Abwehr
Michael Eldred
18. Juni

Positivism & freedom's extinction

Cologne 11-Jun-2017 Positivist-analytic philosophy is that mode of modern Western thinking which has capitulated to modern mathematico-empirical science. ...
Michael Eldred
11. Juni

Russell & Heidegger

Cologne 02-Jun-2017 Bertrand Russell writes,""Martin Heidegger's philosophy is extremely obscure and highly eccentric in its terminology. One cannot help
Michael Eldred
2. Juni

Subverting mathematized science's hegemony

Cologne 29-May-2017 Those who do not unquestionably go along with mathematized science's absolute pretensions to effective, efficient power are called on to
Michael Eldred
29. Mai

Hegel's speculative thinking

Cologne 12-May-2017 Response to an analytic philosopher with a liking for Hegel Hegel's diagnosis of, or verdict on, English and Scottish philosophy,
Michael Eldred
12. Mai

Wilde's 'Critic as Artist'

Cologne 25-Mar-2017 "From the high tower of Thought we can look out at the world. [...] The aim of art is simply to create a mood." Wilde's 'Critic as Artist'
Michael Eldred
25. Mär.

What is phallocracy?

Cologne 17-Mar-2017 The time for a phenomenology of whoness is long overdue: What is phallocracy?
Michael Eldred
23. Mär.

Prejudice and postjudice - Vorurteil und Nachurteil

Cologne 17-Mar-2017 Take your pick: Prejudice and postjudice Vorurteil und Nachurteil
Michael Eldred
17. Mär.

Psyche inside or outside?

Cologne 16-Mar-2017 What if modern psychology's conceptions of the human psyche are misconceptions that do not do justice to the phenomena of mind and psyche
Michael Eldred
16. Mär.

Individual, Egoism, Democracy

Cologne 14-Mar-2017 According to Marx, civil society is the realm of self-interest (Eigennutz), of the "/egoistic, independent/ individual" who is the bearer
Michael Eldred
14. Mär.
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