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*****Provided by Joachim Trettin, Director of the Wilhelm Reich Orgone Institute Germany, as a free list of free speech

The international Wilhelm Reich Maillist is a list for all people who are interested in the work of Wilhelm Reich.

This means the early work and also the late work.

Everybody is invited to write here. This list is free and no moderator will control your exchange.

The letters appears directly in your mail box, so that you don`t have to wait for days or longer.

The archive is only for members of this list.

The language of this list is exclusively english.

Many countries have their own maillist dedicated to Wilhelm Reich, but this list should be international for all the countries of the world.

This yahoo list was starting in germany, so the yahoo text for subscribing is unfortunately in german language.

The easiest way to go in this list is you write an e-mail to this adress:


After this, you will get an confirmation back from yahoo groups.
The text on this confirmation is in german and starts with the words ..Guten Tag.. (this means welcome)...

Now you must push only on the reply button of your e-mail programm
and send back an e-mail to confirm this letter.

After this you are a member of the International Wilhelm Reich Maillist and you get a letter with the words ..Willkommen bei WilhelmReich-List.. (welcome to the Wilhelm Reich list) back.

Then you are a member.

When you want write a letter to this list, you can do this over the e-mail adress:


It is easy to do.


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  • 9. Feb. 2003
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