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176Noise / MFJ-1025 / 2 RX Antennas

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  • do5dgh
    26. Feb. 2013
      Hello LowBandDXers!

      Since I use my MFJ-1025 with 2 RX Antennas I have fun to fine noise on the band to notch them out. Please don't understand me wrong. I do not like noise, I have a lot of noise around me, but the MFJ-1025 in combination with the 2 RX-Antennas is doing a really good job:-)

      The total signal strenght with the MFJ-1025 on is below the normal readings, but the S/N Ratio is offen much more better. For more signal punch activate simply the pre-amp on the radio. With a little bit routine it is easy to notch out the noise to catch the hard copy signal out.

      My noise reduction equipment:

      - 1st RX Antenna, 41 m HalfSqaure (function also as TX Antenna)
      - 2nd RX Antenna, PA0RDT Mini-Whip
      - MFJ-1025 Noise Canceling Signal Enhancer
      - Yaesu MTU-160 RF u-Tuning Unit (very expensive but his money is worth)
      - More then 70 Choke-Baluns

      A lot of pics how effective the noise equipments works you will find on my twitter pages. You do not need a twitter account fo read my twitter profil.


      As I said before, I have a lot of noise around my QTH, but I don't give up! With this heavy noise floor I couldn't work in the Hardcore LowBand DXDivision, but from time to time I have success and work stations from Noth America, Iceland, Caribbean, Deep Russia, North Africa and whole Europe. And this only from a small city-lot.

      73 GEORG_DO5DGH_TVO160M