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Osho Vision for Humanity_January 2010

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      Osho World Newsletter :January 2010
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      So when I say, 'Spread the word', I mean whatever I have been telling you, go on spreading in as many ways as possible. Use all the news media, use everything that technology has provided, so that the word reaches to every nook and corner of the earth."
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      EditorialWhy raising of consciousness has become so important in the modern world? Why is it necessary to go in an inner journey when there is much to explore in the outer world? The market is full of Gurus who are offering solutions and techniques for well being and stress-free lifestyle. How is Osho’s vision different...
      MAin Story
      Main StoryMy vision of the new man is of a perfect man: perfect in the sense that all his three dimensions are functioning without contradicting each other, but on the contrary, complementing each other...
      Main StoryA better world will be a world where good and bad are absolutely accepted and absorbed. I don't mean by using the word 'better' that it will be a good world against the bad. My concept of a better world is a world which will be multi-dimensional, a world which will accept the earth and the sky so totally that the sky is not higher...
      In Focus
      Ma Anand Bhagawati
      It is more often than not that I hear Osho declare there is no hope for humanity, and the main reason being that man is behaving like a robot, unconscious, mechanical, unaware. This makes itself shown day by day by merely scanning the news about the latest madness on this planet, and you might be tempted to scream in frustration or throw the towel in desperation...
      Swami Chaitanya Keerti
      Make This Earth A Paradise
      By Swami Chaitanya Keerti
      There's a good news that recently some scientists discovered four new planets. Two of the extrasolar planets are considered Super Earths, more massive than Earth but less massive than Uranus and Neptune.Researchers say that spotting true Earth-sized planets is challenging with current technology, but the presence of Super-Earths suggests finding a world like ours is just a matter of time...
      Swami Prem Sarito
      Osho Rules
      By Swami Prem Sarito
      Osho, Master of Masters, was way ahead of his field. His followers came from all over the world and he accepted them all with an awe-inspiring love and completely without judgement. “Don’t believe me,” he said, “come from your own authority.” Some of the world’s brightest people came to Poona to surrender to his wisdom. The rich and famous, the intelligentsia, renowned authors, thinkers, therapists, great artists, musicians...
      Swami Satya Vedant
      “Don’t Let Me Down...”
      By Swami Satya Vedant
      “I have not come to teach, I have come to awaken”. These words of Osho are the cornerstone of his work and show his unique contribution to humanity. Obviously, an awakened one can and will awaken only the sleeping. His work is not like that of a teacher who would pass on information collected from various sources...
      Lakshen Sucameli
      My beloved friends and fellow travelers: when you will read this article written with my broken English-Italian ... it will be New Year’s time! So, first of all, I wish a ´greatta newa yeara´ to all of you...especially this 2010 that marks the 20th anniversary of our beloved Master’s body departure!!!
      Ma Prem tao
      Osho was and still is an indescribable presence; unlimited, totally one of a kind, even in the world of enlightened masters. He had a way of bringing together people of all backgrounds, all religions (and no religion), all cultures, education, nationalities, penchants, idiosyncrasies, sexual preferences, karma and belief systems. All the beloveds, all the divine and not so divine misfits who gathered around him, he called to him...
      World Book Fair
      Story of the Month
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